The Fiji Spice Growers Association was established in 2019 and officially registered on the 25th of May 2020 with the Ministry of Employment and Public Relations.

Tumeric, Cinamon, Vanilla, Nutmeg, Cardamom, and Pepper, are the commodities under the Fiji Spice Growers Association. The FSGA was formed to accommodate women who have the passion to venture into spice growing and production.

Our Vision

Alleviating poverty and improving livelihood through spice production.

Our Mission

To diversify into spice as a primary crop and its promotion through skills and knowledge empowerment; and venturing into new markets for improving economic opportunities, sustainability, resilience, and food and nutrition security.

Our Values

  • Trust and fairness.
  • Preserving the environment.
  • Innovation.
  • Add value.
  • Quality & quantity.

Achievements so far

  • Assist/co-facilitate in training and workshops for farmers and MOA officials;
  • Supplying vanilla seeds to MOA and other farmers;
  • Establishment of a great network amongst farmers and buyers (market);
  • Conducted visits to vanilla farmers;
  • Assisting vanilla farmers in securing overseas markets; and
  • Registration of the association to the Ministry of Employment and Public Relations.


  • To increase production for local and export markets;
  • To empower spice farmers on the techniques of spice production and other capacity-building programs;
  • To achieve gender equality and empower women and youths with the right knowledge and skills to participate in the production and marketing of spice products.
  • To be inclusive in every way;
  • To increase the number of members;
  • To strengthen networking amongst the members;
  • To venture into climate-smart agriculture techniques and organic farming;
  • To improve livelihood, alleviate poverty and enhance food security;
  • To be in compliance with the governance and policies binding the association;
  • To be in compliance with trade and biosecurity policies;
  • To provide quality seeds and seedlings.
  • To secure fixed markets for the members of the Spice Farmers.


  • Registration of members during farm visits, training, and workshops;
  • Provide technical and advisory support services to the satisfaction of the members;
  • Conducting awareness programs;
  • Compliance with the governance and policies associated with the association.
  • Provide quality seeds and seedlings to the present and new farmers.
  • Be mindful of gender equality and be inclusive at all times.
  • Seek assistance from the government or Ministry of Agriculture in securing fixed markets locally and overseas.


  • Continue with the registration of new spice farmers as members of the FSGA.
  • Conduct awareness and advocacy programs for the present and new members;
  • Conduct awareness of the governance and policies of the association.
  • Encourage gender equality and enhance inclusiveness.
  • Organize members with the provision of quality seeds and seedlings for new spice farmers.
  • Organize technical and financial literacy workshops and training to empower and upskill the members.
  • Empowering members through quality advisory support services.
  • Have meetings with the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and other government ministries in finding/securing fixed markets.
  • Empowering members with compliance to trade policies and biosecurity policies for the members.

Spices are an important group of horticultural crops. They can be classified in many ways, tropical and temperate spices, tree spices, herbal spices, seed spices, rhizomatous spices, annuals, and perennials depending on their convenience and need.

They are considered to be high-valued and low-volume crops. Spices are usually very high-value lucrative commodities, and if looked after well, farmers can earn high returns within a small land area.

There is an ever-increasing demand for spices and spice products. This is due to their high use in the culinary, pharmaceutical, confectionery, beverages, and perfume industries.

Fiji is blessed with a tropical climate which creates an ideal or conducive climate for many spices to grow in. In Fiji alone, people are using around 50 different spices and spice products, and yet, very few spices are grown locally in Fiji.

An advantage of spices is that they can fit into several cropping systems, and are best suitable for climate resilience and crop diversification in Fiji. There is a huge demand for organically produced spices.

The membership is open to any person who is currently planting vanilla and those farmers who are interested in cultivating vanilla.

The entrance fee for members of the Association shall be $10.00 and the subscription shall be $10.00 annually. The entrance fee and the subscription fee are non-refundable.

All members must abide by the rules of the Association. Any member breaking the rules of the Association may be liable to a fine not exceeding FJD $1,000.00 or face expulsion by the FSFA committee. Any member fined or expelled shall have the right to appeal to the FSFA committee or to the FCLC CEO, whose decision shall be final.

A member shall cease to be a member of the Association when these circumstances happen: death, migration, voluntary withdrawal of membership, and expulsion through disciplinary action on a member by the FSFA committee and any other reasonable circumstances to which the FSFA committee deems fit.

Members who are more than thirteen (13) weeks in arrears of subscription shall not be entitled to any Association benefits, nor will they be permitted to vote at any Association’s meeting. Members whose subscriptions are more than thirteen (13) weeks in arrears shall cease to be a member of the Association.

All intending new members have to apply by paying their entry fee of $10.00 and a subscription fee 0f $10.00, and filling out the FCLC Registration Form. The Fiji Spice Growers Association committee will make the final decision.

1. Mr. Iowane Kaloulia President, Nabulini, Tailevu 2769941  
2. Mrs. Sera Tuva Vice President, Naitutu, Tailevu 9775630  
3. Mrs. Naomi Naiqumu General Secretary, Naitutu, Tailevu 2401447
4. Mrs. Kelera Rokotina Treasurer 2337200  
5. Mr. Ului Kabanaivalu Committee member 9069159  
6. Mr. Josese Vusoniceva Committee member 2171063  

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