Fiji Mushroom Association



To grow good quality mushrooms sustainably.


  • To increase the level of awareness for mushroom cultivation and varieties of mushrooms and its health and nutritional benefits.
  • To increase our presence and the work we do and pubic awareness through social media platforms and visibility and in key supermarkets and in the Hospitality industry through the Fiji Chef’s Association focussing on Reliable Sourcing thus increasing the frequency and volume of purchase.


  • Conduct market assessment on current growers to ascertain knowledge gaps, challenges to incorporate into training needs schedule.
  • Address gaps in proper cultivation methods working with the Juncap Centre standardise SOP’s and trouble-shooting publish a training handbook before the AGM in 2020.
  • Focus on quality and consistency of mushroom yields.
  • Ensure cluster locations where target markets are easily accessible. This is to reduce your transport costs.
  • Avoid middlemen in your business to enjoy more profits.  Involve the direct supply of mushrooms to our customers.
  • Choose a right packaging method, that is inexpensive and wont increase the cost of cultivation/production since these are perishable items
  • Explore various marketing options:  To talk to potential buyers about volume and prices  and make the market drive our production.


  • Build the capacity of our growers to address knowledge gaps and ensure donor funding is channelled to providing them  with the basic tools and  to ensure  good quality yields.
  • Continue to work with the Juncao Centre to learn how to produce own mycelium spores,capitalise on funding to acquire machine to crush Juncao grass for substrate, pasteurise it  and bag them into tubes with mycelium.
  • Work with the Juncao Centre to train a handful of growers to teach mushroom cultivation vetted by them.
  • Working together with our key buyers  reduce our shared social and environmental impacts to provide our customers with goods and services we all trust
  • Focus on Responsible Sourcing  that is imbedded in our customers procurement process and that supports local farmers.


  • Conduct Market assessment to ascertain knowledge gaps and run re-fresher working with Juncao Centre.
  • Commence discussions with the Fiji Chef’s Association to understand buying patterns,expectations and CSR .
  • Implement calender  year of training for growers to ensure climate smart agriculture concepts,empowerment and social cohesion and on key issues such as Governance mechanism of the Association,value chain system,post harvesting,packaging and marketing.
  • Assist in connecting growers to buyers
  • Capitalise on Donor Funding opportunities to assist growers


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