Must Know Facts On Leptospirosis
What is it?
is a disease caused by bacteria which lives in the kidneys and genitals of many types of animals.
it can affect both animals and humans
Signs and Symptoms in people
usually starts with a flu-like symptoms
symptoms usually start within 5-14 days but can appear as soon as 2 days, or up to 30 days after contact with the bacteria
High fever
Muscle aches
Jaundice (yellow skin and eyes)
Red eyes
Abdominal pain
How do I get infected?
Contact with animal urine or water/mud/food which has been contaminated by infected urine. The bacteria can survive in soil or water for weeks, even months
Who is most at risk?
Mine workers
Crop farmers
Slaughterhouse workers
Fish workers
Dairy farmers
Military personnel
How to prevent it?
Avoid wading/swimming in waters that may be contaminated with animal urine, especially flood waters
Wearing protective clothing and footwear when working with livestock
Separating households from livestock eg through the use of pens and fence
Early treatment by a Doctor is key to preventing complications and deaths. Any cattle abortions should be reported to your locality officers and veterinarians of the Ministry of Agriculture for further investigation.
[Source: Fiji Sun, Monday May 25, 2020. Page 5]
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