The Ministry of Environment in commemorating International Biodiversity Day 2020, launched a “Conservation and Protection Policy to protect Fiji’s endangered Iguana Species”, setting objectives to provide legal guidance and policy support to the conservation of the four native endangered iguana species of Fiji.
The policy sets out a plan to instill public pride and improve public knowledge on the threats to the endangered iguanas of Fiji, and to prioritise the collaboration efforts towards species recovery and management plans for the native iguana species in the country.
Minister for Agriculture, Waterways and Environment Hon. Dr. Mahendra Reddy while launching the policy document at Yadua Island in Bua yesterday, said the policy will guide the establishment of protocols, guidelines, and standard operating procedures for the protection and conservation of endangered and endemic species.
Minister Reddy said that the launch of the special policy document signifies the level of commitment and support that the Environment Ministry has towards protecting and preserving the endangered species for now and in the future.
“This policy is geared towards not just protecting the species but to enable it to multiply and flourish and sets out the management of the species while development takes place,” Minister Reddy said.
“This document further sets out the institutional mandate and of course Fiji’s international obligations including the Convention on International Biodiversity which will act under the scope of the Environment Management Act and the Endangered and Protected Species (EPS) Act.”
Minister Reddy further alluded that the policy not only provides guidelines for research and reporting needs but also initiates to stop illegal trade of the species and the management of invasive species.
“We will continue to support ongoing research and any translocation initiative in the effort to safeguard and protect the endangered iguana species in Fiji as this policy document is a living document that will be reviewed regularly to match our changing times in Biodiversity,” Minister Reddy said.
Fiji Department of Information.