Media Alert: Minister for Agriculture, Waterways and Environment Hon. Dr. Mahendra Reddy to launch the week-long program in commemorating the International Biological Diversity (Biodiversity) Day
The day will witness the launch of the week-long program for Fiji to commemorate the International Day of Biological Diversity and increase the understanding and awareness of biodiversity issues. The theme for this year’s celebration is “Our Solutions are in Nature”. The theme puts emphasis on ecosystems such as wetland areas, mangroves and coral reefs that are important nature based solutions to environmental issues such as climate change, environment degradation, and species extinction to name a few. The Ministry of Environment will coordinate the week-long events as the Focal Point for the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).
The event will held today, Monday 18th May at 2:30pm at the Ministry of Waterways and Environment Headquarters Level 4, Bali Towers, Toorak, Suva, Fiji.
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